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Fuel Tank Sales/Lease

Hillside has availability to on-site fuel tanks for sale, lease, and depending on fuel consumption, loaners.
Many sizes of tanks are available, ranging from 500 to 4000 gallon capacity. On-site tanks make for the ultimate
in convenience, fueling your fleet or equipment at a company’s home base or at a job site. The
savings in time alone adds up quickly. Removing the need to stop at truckstops or convenience stores can
amount to sizeable savings in time alone. Fueling at truckstops and convenience stores can be very distracting
and lead to wasted time.

Fuel tanks can be outfitted with modern pumping and metering systems for accurate in-house record
keeping. Tanks can also be outfitted with less expensive, yet fully functioning manual pumping systems. Simply
hook into your electric 12v or 120v (or whatever it takes), and you are ready for business!

The practical solutions for on-site fleet fueling or job-site fueling are double walled skid tanks.
These tanks are equipped with self-containment to prevent spillage. The set up for these tanks is fairly simple
with minimal involvement from state and local authorities. Since the tanks are almost completely self-contained,
they can stand-alone with minimal renovating to your facility or job site.

  • Complete control of usage and expenses for fuel
  • Facilitates bookkeeping for reporting, taxes, mileage, job cost analysis
  • No wasted time at convenience stores or truck stops
  • Huge savings in time and travel















Hillside provided this 1000 gallon double walled tank with pump and meter