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Heating Maintenance Plan

If replacement of heating equipment becomes necessary, or customer decides to upgrade heating equipment, Hillside will credit the amount of this maintenance plan toward a replacement installation performed by Hillside.

15% coverage Heating Maintenance Plan - View details & brouchure HERE

50% coverage Heating Maintenance Plan - View details & brouchure HERE


Covered Parts/Services:

Hillside offers 2 different heating maintenance plans. A plan is available for any type of need and all budgets. Hillside offers an industry standard maintenance plan at a very affordable annual cost. This plan covers 15% off all service performed by Hillside. A more inclusive 50% plan that includes an annual tune-up is also available. Non-covered services and parts billed at regular service rates. The percentage off coverage applies to parts and labor associated with repairs or replacements of defective parts due to normal wear and tear. It is the customers' responsibility to call and schedule annual tune-up to keep furnace in an operating condition. Covered parts include: Electrodes, nozzle & pump strainer, fan & limit control, high tension lead, oil burner motor, draft regulator, combustion chamber, 1 plain thermostat, drive couplings, smoke pipe (maximum 10'), shaft & bearings, transformer, fuel oil pump, fuel oil filter, primary relay, burner fan, blower motor, blower belt.

Additional covered parts associated with hot water heating systems: Feed valve, relief valve, aquastat, circulator motor, drive & bearing assembly.

Same day Emergency Service. Labor 7 days a week from 8am – 10pm including Holidays

"I was impressed with everything about your company. I will not hesitate to refer you to my friends and family"  -Peg B.


Non-Covered Parts/Services:

Service required due to emergency switch being off, improper setting of thermostat, dirty air filters, blown fuses, weak or dead batteries, tampering, abuse, unoccupied homes, NO or VERY LOW oil, will be charged at our regular rates. This also includes automatic delivery customers with no oil due to delinquent balances. Hillside cannot be held responsible for the negligence of a customer. This maintenance plan is for coverage of malfunctioning equipment that requires qualified repairs.

"Always a pleasure to deal with. I love the idea of talking to "live" people. It's refreshing not dealing with automated systems" -Laurie C.

Fine Print:

Inspection: Coverage does not begin until equipment has been inspected and approved by Hillside Heating and Cooling. Equipment must be in compliance with current code and in good working order when approved for coverage. Any repairs required to put the equipment into acceptable condition will be billed to you at our prevailing rates.

Terms: The minimum term of this agreement is 12 months beginning on the date of inspection. The agreement is self-renewing at prices in effect at the time of renewal. The customer will be given advanced notification of renewal and 30 days to cancel. No refund will be given on plans cancelled outside the 30-day cancellation period. The equipment will be subject to inspection annually and Hillside reserves the right to change or not renew based on age and condition of the equipment. After the initial terms of the agreement expires, you the customer, or us the company, may cancel this agreement for any reason or no reason. Notification must be in writing and delivered via regular mail or electronic mail. No refund will be given for unused services.

Liability: Hillside will not be liable for any loss or damages of any kind resulting from the failure or inoperability of a customers’ system or equipment. Hillside shall not be liable for any delay, loss or damage caused by unavailability of machinery, equipment or materials, deal of carriers, strikes, lockouts, civil or military authority, riot, forces of nature or by any cause beyond our control. This agreement does not cover loss or damage resulting from fire, water, windstorm, hail, lightning, earthquake, theft, misuse or abuse, or any other circumstance beyond our control.

Customer agrees to keep account current in accordance with current credit policy in order for this agreement to remain in effect. Hillside reserves the right to withhold service for delinquent accounts.

This agreement is void if equipment is serviced by any person other than an employee of Hillside.

Customer is responsible for scheduling their annual maintenance visit. Customer agrees to make covered equipment accessible and free from any obstructions that deter proper servicing. Annual maintenance will only be scheduled during normal business hours, Monday-Friday from 8am to 4pm. Evening and weekend hours will be for Emergency calls only. Emergency service constitutes a situation of complete loss of heat and/or hot water.


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