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Heating Oil Delivery for Oxford, PA

Fuel Oil Delivery for Oxford, PA Homes

Need home heating oil for your home in Oxford, PA? If you own a furnace or boiler and need a fuel delivery, you can count on Hillside. Our heating oil customers can sign up for convenient automatic delivery for the entire heating season or, if you prefer, order your heating oil when you need it.


  • Heating experts: We’re more than just an oil delivery company. We’re also a full-service heating & air conditioning company including sales, installation, service, and repairs. We can assist you with your questions about home heating oil and equipment.
  • Reliable equipment allows Hillside to show up on time, as well as provide prompt and efficient service. Routine maintenance of our equipment, as well as proper safety training for our drivers, helps Hillside eliminate damage to your home or property.
  • Automatic Delivery: Enjoy worry-free automatic delivery based on your tank’s heating oil levels and usage.
  • Premium Heating Oil: Hillside treats our heating oil with a premium additive at no cost to our customers. The special heating oil treatment inhibits microbial growth, dissolves sludge, improves combustion, avoids breakdowns from clogged lines, strainers, and nozzles, disperses water accumulation, minimizes corrosion, and prevents winter freeze-ups. This results in maximum energy output, fewer service calls, and increased savings.
  • Budget Billing Plans: Hillside offers a convenient monthly budget payment plan. There is nothing complicated about Hillside’s plan, we estimate your total annual expenditures with our company and divide that among 12 monthly payments.

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“We were so focused on the holiday and failed to order oil. Noticed last night that we were very close to empty! Hillside got us oil same day the day before Thanksgiving. Love this company. Everyone, even our kitties are enjoying warm paws tonight thanks to Hillside.” RD Wetzel

Call Hillside Heating and Cooling today to request a heating oil delivery in Oxford, PA, at 302-738-4144 or contact us to schedule service.