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We Miss You Charlie the Dog

Tuesday, May 30 2017

We Miss You Charlie the Dog

Your Air Conditioner Should Not Need Refrigerant Refills

Thursday, May 25 2017

If you notice warm air blowing or frost and ice on your central air conditioner lines, your air conditioner may be low in refrigerant.

Get Ready: Warm Weather Is Here to Stay!

Wednesday, Apr 26 2017

As we move further into spring, the outdoor temperature fluctuations that cause us to flip-flop the thermostat between “heat” and “cool” occur less often.

Thermostats Can Save You Money and Headaches

Tuesday, Mar 28 2017

Programmable thermostats don’t just look fancy—they have tons of features for energy and cost savings. They can control the temperature of your house 24/7 so you don’t have to worry.

Here’s How to Hide Your Ugly Heating Tank

Tuesday, Feb 28 2017

This winter’s unseasonably warm days have us thinking about spring. Before you know it, flowers buds will be sprouting, and rabbits will be noshing on freshly mown grass. Ah, springtime!

How long do oil tanks last?

Monday, Feb 20 2017

Today’s oil tanks are light-years ahead of the old models

Helpl! I Have No Heat!

Monday, Jan 23 2017
If you've ever gone without heat in the middle of winter, you know how uncomfortable that can be.

Is Your Home Ready for Cold Weather?

Wednesday, Dec 28 2016

With cold weather coming, it's important to make sure your heating equipment is working properly. Here's your checklist.

Are you covered for winter?

Tuesday, Nov 29 2016

Are you covered for winter? Hillside can cover you.

Is Your Fireplace Safe For Your Family?

Monday, Nov 28 2016
A crackling fire in the fireplace is often just the remedy to add a little extra warmth to an area of your home.

Automatic delivery of heating oil, the easy choice

Friday, Nov 11 2016

Automatic delivery of heating oil, the easy choice

Help Wanted: Experienced HVAC Tech ready to go to work

Thursday, Nov 03 2016

Help Wanted: Experienced HVAC Tech ready to go to work

Say Goodbye to Worrying About Your Heating Oil Supply

Wednesday, Oct 26 2016
When winter sets in, are you constantly monitoring your heating oil tank or scrambling at the last minute to arrange an emergency delivery so the tank isn’t empty?

Get ready for winter contest - Win 100 gallons of heating oil FREE!

Sunday, Oct 16 2016

Get ready for winter contest - Win 100 gallons of heating oil FREE!

Get Your Heating System Ready for the Cold Weather

Wednesday, Sep 28 2016
Now that it’s September, the cold weather is not far away. To make sure your heating equipment performs optimally:

Got Heat?

Tuesday, Aug 23 2016
Brrr. If your heat isn’t working, you could be in real trouble once winter’s frigid temperatures arrive. With fall around the corner, prepare for the colder weather by checking your oil tank’s fuel level.

Using Lawn Equipment? Watch Out for Outdoor Electrical and Refrigerant Lines

Monday, Jul 25 2016

“Careful with that weed wacker, Eugene!” Outdoor electrical and refrigerant lines can be fragile.

Central Air vs. Window Units and Old Homes | We Get This a Lot!

Friday, Jul 22 2016
Hillside is proud to announce the arrival of our new Frequently Asked Questions video series, "We Get This a Lot!"

Join Jim Sellers, the CEO and main man of Hillside Oil, Heating, and Cooling, as he reads your FAQs on all things HVAC. 

Why You Need an A/C Tune-up Every Year

Tuesday, Jul 05 2016

Do you need an A/C tune-up every year? It is highly recommended, yes.

When to Call in an Expert

Friday, Jun 24 2016

When to call in an expert, not everything can be done-it-yourself


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