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Air Conditioner Tune-Up

Hillside HVAC is a full service air conditioning and heating company located in Newark, family owned and operated since 1952. Hillside is a convenient, local, and affordable option for all kinds of indoor air comfort solutions. It you have an air conditioner that requires repair, replacement, or maintenance, please keep Hillside in mind. If you don’t have air conditioning and are interested in installation, Hillside can help with that too!


Hillside HVAC’s Air Conditioner Tune-Up $99

Were you looking for information about Hillside's air conditioner maintenance plan? You are close, it is over HERE. Let Hillside HVAC tune-up your central air conditioner. A tune-up of your air conditioning system can pay for itself over time. A recent study showed that over half of existing air conditioning units are improperly charged with refrigerant (commonly called Freon®). Improperly charged means too much or not enough refrigerant, not that the unit will not run. Even though improperly charged units seem to work fine and cool your home, the fact is these units are not performing optimally. Optimal performance increases efficiency, which is what we are all looking for these days…savings on our energy bills. A tuned-up air conditioning system is more likely to avoid breakdown at the times when the unit is needed most. Regular maintenance increases the life span and can give you an idea of how much longer your system may have before considering replacement.

The EPA, US Department of Energy, ENERGY STAR, and local utility companies all recommend annual air conditioner tune-ups to increase your cooling systems efficiency.

Hillside’s air conditioner tune-up includes:

  • Clean condenser coil
  • Clean indoor coil (where accessible)
  • Oil and inspect motors
  • Inspect wiring and tighten electrical connections
  • Check capacitor
  • Check contactor
  • Check and change air filter (customer supplied)
  • Clear condensate drain line
  • Inspect refrigerant lines connections
  • Check system refrigerant charge
  • Check thermostat for proper operation
  • Check supply and return air temperatures
  • Check amp draw of compressor
  • Check amp draw of condenser motor
  • Check amp draw of blower motor

Not included in the $99 tune-up fee are any parts needed or recommended for repair or optimal performance, including refrigerant. Air filters are not supplied by Hillside, there are simply too many for Hillside to carry all sizes and shapes. Hillside is happy to clean or change the air filter, assuming the customer has an extra.