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Air Conditioning

Interested in an air conditioner tune-up? Check out what Hillside has to offer on our A/C Tune-Up page. A tune-up is much more convenient (and less expensive) than having to call for repair if a breakdown happens at an invonvenient time.

Our staff is fully trained to install, maintain, and repair all major brands of central air conditioning, including ductless mini-split systems, all types of indoor air quality, humidifiers, humidification, air cleaners, and dehumidifiers. No matter your budget, Hillside has options ranging from economy to high efficiency.

Hillside is proud to sell and install all lines of new, modern, and remotely accessible thermostats made by Honeywell. Click Here for more information about controlling your thermostat from anywhere! Connect from smart phones or computers to manages temperatures according to your schedule.

When our technicians leave a job Hillside consistently receives compliments stating that we left the condition of the area we serviced in, better than when we started. We treat every home like it is our own. Our attention to details and quality of work, emphasizes that safety for the customers' family is a top priority.

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Hillside Maintenance Plans

Replacement Parts, Inspections, Cleanings, Adjustments, and more. See what plan is right for your needs.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Plan

Heating Maintenance Plan



  • I was very pleased with the service of our air conditioner by David. He was very efficient and knowledgeable and seems to have fixed our problem. Very pleased with Hillside. Thank you. –Hazel M.
  • Installation crew was great! Knew their stuff and did a great job. The new air conditioner unit is great too! –Paul A.
  • The tech who worked on our air conditioner was very knowledgeable. –Lance S.
  • Techs went out of their way to ensure my satisfaction. Their attention to detail and the quality of the installation exceeded my expectations. I would definitely recommend Hillside as a source of quality HVAC service. –Joe U.
  • The service man was friendly, respectful, and accommodating
  • Excellence service and response to my emergency –Annie Y.
  • Thanks for sending George. He found the problem right away and began to fix it. He was very polite and has a very kind spirit. –Wendy R.
  • Service was excellent! Techs were courteous and professional. Would/will recommend to friends.
  • People tell me I could get a cheaper company. I tell them I pay for excellent service. –Sara C.
  • As always, Hillside does what they promise. –Lawrence S.
  • Everything was perfect. Everyone was courteous and helpful. Thanks! -Vicki B.
  • Love Hillside! The company has a family feel to it. A friendly person is ALWAYS available to answer any questions. They deliver quickly and cleanly. As a customer who calls when they need oil, I love the fact that their price is posted for the world to see on the home page of their website. And I must say that I don't call anyone else! I have always been satisfied and smiling after any interaction with this company! Great price, great service!!!
  • We walked into the Hillside offices quite a few years ago rather irate with a previous oil company really expecting any great experience there, How wrong we were! We sounded off on our previous complaints and were assured Hillside would be a different experience. Of course we were a bit dubious - they were just too concerned and sympathetic! Well, over the years we've had many chances to have it proven to us that Hillside is indeed unique company. We've been through agony with a tenant house, replaced a furnace and air conditioner unit, and even had a trouble call where they found a simple little bug fried between contacts on the A/C. Now that's really debugging a situation! The practical part - service prompt and efficient, technicians look and act professional, cost is as reasonable as it gets in today's world...and get this: a real person answers the phone and actually listens to you!