Avoid No Heat Situations or Trust Hillside for a Solution

Help! I Have No Heat!

If you’ve ever gone without heat in the middle of winter, you know how uncomfortable that can be, not to mention, risky for your plumbing as water in the pipes begins to freeze. During extreme weather – piles of snow and extremely low temperatures outside – going without heat can even be dangerous. How can you avoid this scenario?

Running out of heating fuel—that’s a very common scenario, unfortunately, and completely avoidable. Hillside HVAC offers our heating oil customers the option of automatic delivery. This gives our customers peace of mind that the tank will never go empty, and it doesn’t cost a penny more for this service! Some companies like to charge extra for the service of automatic delivery. Extra charges for automatic delivery are not necessary as this service is not only a convenience for the customer but also for our company.

Hillside uses a proven, industry-standard mathematical formula that is computer-calculated to know when a customer is in need of an oil delivery. The degree-days formula uses all past history of customer deliveries in combination with local weather to forecast when deliveries are needed. New accounts are based on an average of similar size homes in your area.*

Heating system failure or fuel tank failure: When your tank is not empty but the heating system has stopped blowing hot air, this is a mechanical failure of sorts, and Hillside has a full-service department to fix or replace equipment, no matter the type of system you have, to quickly restore heat to your home. Our service trucks are fully stocked to handle most service issues in 1 visit.

Give Hillside HVAC a call today so you can be prepared this winter! DE: 302-738-4144. In MD: 410-398-2146

(*Deliveries may not be made if the account has an outstanding balance, or if there is an unsafe condition due to fill, vent or tank issues.)

Recent testimonials from Hillside customers

Hillside is always proud to boast when our employees receive rave reviews from customers. Our heating service department has been busy working on no heat repairs and routine maintenances. This is by far the busiest time of the year for our heating department. Here are a few recent testimonials from customers of Hillside’s heating maintenance, repairs, and installations.

“Matt was a real blessing to us. So caring, friendly and an excellent worker. We are requesting him next year.” –Warren & Edna W. 1/31/2014

“Jason & Ken were very professional and cared about their work.” -Lloyd R. 1/16/2014

“Matt was very professional and thorough. His detailed feedback was appreciated.” –Paul P. 1/10/2014

If your heating system is in need of repair, replacement, or maintenance, mention this email and receive $50 off the standard rate of a service call! We promise YOU will be the next Hillside customer writing a positive testimonial.

Give Hillside a call for prices and options: DE: 302-738-4144  or  MD: 410-398-2146

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