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Commercial Fuel

Hillside Heating & Cooling is currently the ONLY oil company in New Castle County with a top-loading rack system with diesel fuels and heating oil for resale at market prices.

Hillside has our own "tank farm" with 220,000 gallons of storage capacity. This allows Hillside to resell fuels at a few cents over market price to anyone with a top-loading tank truck. Construction, landscaping, and excavating companies with their own fueling truck can save tens of thousands of dollars per year fueling at our location.

Hillside Heating & Cooling also has a card-billing fueling island for both on- and off-road diesel fuels. What we have to offer is diesel fueling with no distractions and the best possible price available. Our prices for diesel fuel at our location are always better than the local truck stops and fleet fueling facilities.

When looking for Off-Road Diesel fuel for generators, and/or your off-road equipment, contact us for the best price and service available in your local area.

Our fueling island and loading rack are accessible 24/7.