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Heating Oil Delivery

Hillside HVAC is a full-service heating oil, heating, and air conditioning company. Hillside offers automatic delivery or call-in delivery.

Heating oil prices are updated on our homepage daily. We encourage you to view our heating oil tank charts for reference estimated pricing. 

Along with heating oil deliveries, we also have our own in-house service department that can handle all HVAC needs.

Heating Oil Delivery Options

  • Automatic delivery: Automatic delivery is available for customers who never want to worry about the level of fuel in their tank. Hillside uses a computer-run mathematical formula to know when a customer is in need of an oil delivery. The formula uses all past history of customer deliveries in combination with local weather to forecast when deliveries are needed. New accounts are based on average of similar size homes in your area. The homeowner should assist in scheduling of the first delivery. Heating oil deliveries may not be made if the account has an outstanding balance, or if there is an unsafe condition due to fill, vent or tank issues.

    Would you like to know how automatic deliveries are calculated? The degree-day system is the industry standard for calculating when deliveries are made. This link,, will help you understand how the degree-day system works, projecting when you may need deliveries and comparing seasons from past years to track your personal fuel oil consumption.

  • Call In or Will Call: Call in delivery allows the customer to monitor and decide when to purchase fuel oil. This is helpful for customers that want to be in full control of when they have expenses for fuel oil. A simple phone call to our office is all it takes to schedule a delivery. Orders are scheduled based on our availability in your area. Our normal delivery days are Monday - Friday from 7am to 5pm. Prices are based on market price and subject to change.

Hillside Heating & Cooling has ONE price for fuel oil. We do not offer different programs or levels of customer service. We treat all of our customers equally and everyone receives the same price. Our COD price is available by paying at the time of delivery. Hillside's credit billing customers receive 10 days for the same price. Many companies will charge extra for the service of automatic delivery. The truth is that an automatic delivery customer saves an oil company money. The oil company is able to deliver at the company's convenience. A customer should not pay more for this service, as it is a convenience to both customer and company. Hillside Heating & Cooling feels that different levels of plans, tiers, or levels of customer service are not fair to any customer. When too many options are available things can get confusing. Hillside believes that if you are our customer we will do anything we can to help. Choosing Hillside as your provider is a compliment to the company. We cannot force someone to use our services, we are glad if you choose Hillside, but also understand if you choose to move on. Many companies' charge account termination fees, Hillside does not practice these methods.

Budget plans are available. A monthly budget plan is an effective way to avoid large peak season bills. Monthly budget payments allow customers to spread their heating expenses throughout the year. The calculation of a customer's monthly budget is straightforward and simple. Hillside uses estimated annual expenditures and divides that amount into equal monthly payments. The budget amount may be adjusted up or down as many times as needed throughout the season depending on price and weather.

Hillside Heating & Cooling operates a fleet of modern, clean, and well-maintained vehicles. Reliable equipment allows Hillside to show up on time, as well as provide prompt and efficient service. Routine maintenance of our equipment as well as proper safety training for our drivers helps Hillside eliminate damage to your home or property. Safety is our primary concern for our customers, their equipment, and Hillside's employees. Keeping safety as a primary concern allows Hillside to offer the best price for services possible. Safety keeps insurance and other expense to Hillside down thus allowing us to offer the best prices possible. We treat our customers with respect and part of that is to arrive presentable to the public.

Hillside Insurance Plans

Replacement Parts, Inspections, Tune-Ups, Adjustments, and more. See what plan is right for your needs.

Heating Maintenance Plan

Air Conditioning Maintenance Plan



Hillside Oil Tank Protection and Replacement Warranty

Hillside offers a tank protection program by TANK-GUARD®. This service is a corrosion and protection warranty giving "Peace of Mind" knowing the expense of replacing your heating oil tank will be covered if replacement becomes neccesary due to leaks.

Tank-Guard Proactive Heating Oil Tank Warranty


Hillside Credit Application

Establish an account by filling out this application. Credit billing customers receive 10 days for the same price as cash to the delivery driver. It's that easy!

Credit Application


Budget Sign-up Form

Hillside's budget plan stretches annual expenses into monthly payments. We use a simple formula...your annual expense with Hillside divided into the number of months remaining in our budget season. Plans designed specifically for your budget.

Budget Plans



  • The service man was friendly, respectful, and accommodating
  • Excellence service and response to my emergency –Annie Y.
  • Thanks for sending George. He found the problem right away and began to fix it. He was very polite and has a very kind spirit. –Wendy R.
  • Service was excellent! Techs were courteous and professional. Would/will recommend to friends.
  • People tell me I could get a cheaper company. I tell them I pay for excellent service. –Sara C.
  • As always, Hillside does what they promise. –Lawrence S.
  • Everything was perfect. Everyone was courteous and helpful. Thanks! -Vicki B.
  • We have been using Hillside Oil for over 22 years. My wife was using them even before we were married. Central AC unit, hot water heater, oil and service. Hillside has always responded to service calls very fast. Delivery of our heating fuel has always been a seamless no problem deal and prices are very reasonable and competitive. For my wife and I there is no reason to look anyplace else!
  • We have changed our heating oil supplier and service contract provided to Hillside Oil Company. We have been with several different oil suppliers and have found that Hillside Oil offers a reasonable price for its products without using any gimmicks or different prices for different customers.