How to Act Like A Squirrel for Winter

prepare for winter like a squirrel

Squirrels Prepare

Squirrels begin shopping for and storing winter food in the summer. When Fall’s cooler temperatures arrive, a squirrel’s winter shopping spree intensifies. They hoard their food and mark their scent using their memory and amazing sense of smell that can detect its food through 30 cm (1 foot) of snow. They also prepare by increasing their food consumption and body mass. They basically get fat.

Squirrels Do Not Hibernate in Winter

Once the frigid winter temperatures become unbearable, squirrels will burrow into a warm, seclusive place and sleep (a lot). They hunker down in their den opting to stay warm with their buddies rather than galavanting in the snow. Science Alert: Squirrels keep their body temperatures stable (within homeostasis) by sleeping in a communal arrangement. This is a form of conduction, in which heat can be transferred between the two squirrels that are touching.

When its warm enough, they will venture out and cash in on the food they saved during the Summer and Fall. It is estimated that a squirrel hoard 3 years worth of food!

This Winter Get Prepared Like a Squirrel

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