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Our People. Our Family.

Chances are you've talked to some of our folks, well here they are, this is our family. This is what makes us tick. Providing our customers with the best quality service would be impossible without them. Nothing makes us prouder than being able to provide our team with jobs and in a good work environment. Together we make every effort to keeping our customers happy which in turn makes us happy. Take a read, get to know us, and next time you call let's have a chat. We're here to help!

Our Team

Charlie - Mascot, Jim - Owner
Pictured left to right: Charlie - Mascot, Jim Sellers
Jim Sellers
Jim Sellers&Baby Charlie
Jerry - Service Manager
Jerry Service Manager

Charlie the Dog - Dog

Charlie the Dog moved up here from Virginia in April 2009. His big sister Sandy taught him how to bark and walk up and down stairs. He went immediately to work in order to help pay for all the food he consumes. Charlie spent years as an active member of PAWS for People. He enjoyed visiting as a therapy dog and providing smiles. He enjoys relaxing, protecting his home from squirrels, and spending time on the road visiting Hillside customers.

Jim Sellers - Owner/President

My grandfather and grandmother Bill & Maxine Sellers started Hillside in 1952 to service the fuel needs of farmers in Fair Hill, Maryland and Southern Chester County, Pennsylvania. My mother and father Jim & Barbara took over Hillside in 1970. They moved the company to Newark immediately after, and by 1978 Hillside was in our location on Brookhill Drive where we still are today. I was born in 1974 and have known not much more than the workings of Hillside. I was raised in our family business and am happy and proud to continue my family’s name, and provide the best possible customer service and relationships possible.

In my free time I like to make fun of the people I am lucky enough to work with, the outdoors, hiking, camping, biking, and spend time with my wife and dogs. I also like to race toy cars, something I can’t seem to outgrow.

Jerry - Service Manager

Jerry started out with Hillside as a helper eighteen years ago. Along the way he took several courses and earned his Journeyman certification. Jerry is the true American Dream and the full package. He started at Hillside coming from a job as a line cook. He was an extra set of hands. Now after hard work and experience he is one of the most knowledgeable and creative people in our industry.

When he is not working he enjoys snowboarding, hiking, camping, biking and listening to music. He has been spending some time working on his 1986 VW Vanagon in hopes of traveling with it.

Mark - Fuel Dispatcher
Mark Fuel Dispatcher
Jason - HVAC Service Technician
Jason HVAC Service Technician
Mike - HVAC Service Technician
Mike HVAC Service Technician Manager

Mark - Fuel Dispatcher

Mark has spent the past nineteen years as Hillside's dispatcher and being the "Go to Guy".

Jason - HVAC Service Technician

Jason has twenty-three years’ of experience and has a journeyman certificate. If you have had an install done by Hillside, Jason is responsible most likely. The pride he takes in his workmanship and final product is unparalleled. Jason truly exemplifies the phrase, “treat each house like it is your own.” He continuously goes above and beyond to make customers happy with both the mechanical and aesthetic final product.

In his spare time he likes to do landscaping, build hot rod cars, and is hoping to race one at Cecil County Dragway.

Mike - HVAC Service Technician

Mike is diverse with his duties at Hillside. He started as an oil/tanker driver then switched over to HVAC.

He is a collector of unique items. Some of his prized possessions are old arcade games and beer signs that he displays in his game room. Mike also enjoys taking time to ride his Harley Davidson.

George - HVAC Service Technician
George HVAC Service Technician
Tom - HVAC Service Technician
Tom HVAC Service Technician
Ken - HVAC Service Technician
Ken HVAC Service Technician

George - HVAC Service Technician

George has 20 years experience and has earned his Masters Certificate.

In his spare time he restores old cars and has traveled to several different states entering them into car shows. He has also spent time volunteering for the MOT football league.

Tom - HVAC Service Technician

With forty years experience he has seen many changes occur in the HVAC business.

Tom spends as much time as he can with his seven grandsons, building sheds, raising rabbits, and doing upkeep on his property. Once a year he goes to Virginia to relax and enjoy time with family at their cabin.

Ken - HVAC Service Technician

Ken spent ten years active duty in the United States Army (thank you Ken) and received his HVAC training. One of his favorite places he went to while in the Army was Qatar in the Middle East.

He likes spending time outdoors target shooting and riding his 4-Wheeler. He rides with friends in upstate Pennsylvania and also Putney, Kentucky to ride in the Black Mountains.

George - HVAC Service Technician
Pictured left to right: KC - Customer Service, Shari - Customer Service, Jessica - Service Dispatcher, Sharon - Accounts Receivable
Charlie - Bulk Fuel Driver
Charlie Bulk Fuel Driver

K.C. – Customer Service Representative

K.C. has 8 years experience in the heating oil/HVAC industry.

K.C. enjoys spending time outdoors, hiking, hunting, camping with friends and spending time at the beach. She also likes to volunteer her time helping others when she can.

Shari - Customer Service Representative

A lifelong Delaware resident, Shari came to us with twenty-six years’ experience in the oil/hvac business.

She enjoys reading, spending time with her grandkids and traveling. One of her favorite things to do is take day trips with her husband and a group of her friends to new and unusual places.

Jessica - Service Dispatcher

Jessica has an extensive background in service department management and dispatching. If you have scheduled a service call with Hillside, or gotten a call that your appointment is next, that’s Jess!

She spends her time reading, volunteering with animal rescue organizations, cooking and traveling. One day she hopes to go to Ireland to fulfill her dream of skydiving there. She also somehow managed to get the nickname Jessica Rabbit.

Sharon - Accounts Receivable/Customer Service

Sharon came to us in 2009 and handles all of our accounting needs.

When not working in her garden she likes to go camping with family and friends. She is a big movie buff and enjoys watching T.V. series and reading as well. She is a Walt Disney fan and has been to Walt Disney World numerous times.

Charlie - Bulk Fuel Driver

Charlie started at Hillside as a home fuel delivery driver twenty-three years ago and now drives a tanker delivering bulk fuel throughout Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania. Charlie is responsible for keeping Hillside’s quarter-million gallon tank farm stocked for our trucks, and other companies to purchase on-site from Hillside.

When he is not in the tanker and the nice weather hits he chooses two wheels and rides his motorcycle every chance he gets. He spends his free time with his family going fishing and going to truck races. He is also one of the many company pranksters...The primary prankster to be exact.

Ron - Home Heating Oil Delivery Driver
Ron Home Heating Oil Delivery Driver
Harry - Home Heating Oil Delivery Driver
Harry Home Heating Oil Delivery Driver
Eric - Service Technician
Eric Service Technician

Ron - Home Heating Oil Delivery Driver

Ron has twenty-three years’ experience as a CDL driver.

In his off time Ron enjoys cooking for friends and family, especially barbeque. He also spends time riding some of the trails in Delaware on his mountain bike. He goes on an annual cruise with his wife and family each year, his favorite being cruises to the Caribbean.

Harry - Home Heating Oil Delivery Driver

Harry spent four years in the United States Marine Corp (thank you Harry) before getting his CDL license twenty-six years ago. He has been married for thirty-six years and is a grandfather of three girls. Each year he plans a family vacation and looks forward to the time making memories with his family.

Eric - Service Technician

Eric was introduced to the HVAC field by a friend and went to Allstate Career School in Essington, Pennsylvania. He will be furthering his education to get his Journeyman certification.

Eric gave eighteen years of service with Citizens’ Hose Company NO. 1 in Smyrna, Delaware as a volunteer firefighter. He likes to spend his spare time hunting, salt water fishing and riding his motorcycle.

Ryan - Newark Supply Manager, Luke - HVAC Service Technician
Pictured left to right: Ryan - Newark Supply Manager, Luke - HVAC Service Technician
Frank, Rick - Fleet Maintenance/Diesel Mechanics
Pictured left to right: Frank, Rick - Fleet Maintenance/Diesel Mechanics

Ryan - Newark Supply Manager

Hillside may be one of the only companies in America to employ a set of identical twins, since the Doublemint Gum Company. Identical twins can be strange, Ryan and his brother Luke are no exception. Ryan started working for Hillside and found his way to another division of the company Newark Supply, our wholesale parts and equipment division.

Ryan enjoys skateboarding and has been to many skate parks throughout the area. He also spends time building computers for himself and friends.

Luke - HVAC Service Technician

Hillside may be one of the only companies in America to employ a set of identical twins, since the Doublemint Gum Company. Identical twins can be strange, Luke and his brother Ryan are no exception. Luke took welding classes in high school but a family member introduced him to HVAC and decided that was the path he wanted to take.

He likes to travel and has been up and down the east coast, California and Canada. What he looks forward to the most is his annual trip with friends to the Outer Banks, North Carolina where he enjoys skateboarding and being the Disk Jockey for entertainment.

Frank - Fleet Maintenance/Diesel Mechanic

Frank has been with Hillside for thirty years or as he likes to put it since Jimmy Sellers was a little fellow. He has kept the oil delivery trucks and fleet of service vehicles in the best working order and ready at all times.

He enjoys woodworking and has made many intricate scroll work pieces including a clock. He spends his free weekends at Rehoboth beach with his wife going out on a boat to fish and relax.

Rick - Fleet Maintenance/Diesel Mechanic

With thirty-seven years experience as a truck mechanic Rick keeps the Hillside fleet of vehicles in top shape.

He spends most of his spare time at home with his wife of 39 years and his family taking care of their many animals. He has been raising Koi fish, chickens, pheasants, goats and parrots for many years. When he is not taking care of the animals he likes to take rides in the country on his motorcycle.

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