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Tank-Guard Fuel Tank Protection Plan

PROACTIVE TANK CARE for $79 per year

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The TANK-GUARD® Program is a corrosion protection and warranty service for aboveground fuel oil tanks up to 330 gallons capacity. With this program, we offer our customers an effective chemical corrosion inhibitor plus the security of our "peace-of-mind" tank replacement warranty.

Experts recommend using a chemical corrosion inhibitor to reduce internal tank damage. Our program is a cost effective way for homeowners to protect their tanks against internal corrosion, plus it provides a welcome and valuable warranty benefit if a tank needs to be replaced. With today's oil prices, the unexpected cost of replacing a tank is the last thing a homeowner wants to worry about.




When it comes to customer satisfaction, there is no question that the oil tank is often the Achilles heel of an oil heat system. Even with today's technology, predicting when a residential oil tank might leak is unrealistic in any practical sense. But you can still work proactively to protect tanks against corrosion and be prepared to cushion the financial impact of tank failures. That's exactly what the TANK-GUARD® Program will do for you.





TANK-GUARD® is backed by a solid tank replacement warranty. If you have a tank leak which is covered by the TANK-GUARD® warranty, your oil tank will be replace at no charge (parts and labor). Removal and certified disposal of your old tank is included. Your oil tank is a vital component of your heating system and is worth protecting. With this warranty, the TANK-GUARD® program offers the most complete tank protection available. Oil leaks can be serious, so please check your oil tank regularly and call Hillside at the first sign of any leak.


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Click HERE for enrollment form, details, warranty coverage, and terms & conditions.

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