Fuel tank empty?

Oil Tank EmptyFuel tank empty? An incentive to never let that happen again.

“The house was quickly cooling, and the water coming out of the “hot” tap was stone cold. In the cold of winter, and icy shower was going to be really unpleasant. I couldn’t understand it. And then the repairman explained it to me: “You’ve run out of home heating oil.” Oh.

We hear stories from many people that do not want automatic delivery because they think it costs more. Not at Hillside, automatic delivery is a free service, and the cost per gallon is the same for all our customers. Autopay is also available, we can charge your account after a delivery to help make sure it is never overlooked. Some companies do charge more for automatic delivery, but not Hillside. Never worry about the level of fuel in your tank again. Hillside Oil & HVAC offers automatic delivery for all our customers, and it DOES NOT cost a penny more than Will Call delivery. Automatic delivery ensures you will not run out of fuel for your home. The timing of deliveries is estimated using a mathematical formula that takes into account the weather and your personal usage habits.

We always post our current rate on our website, www.HillsideHVAC.com. Find out more at our website or give us a call. Delaware: 302-738-4144 Maryland: 410-398-2146

Free Tank-Guard $79 Value

Oil Tank Warrant with Tank Guard

Let Hillside worry about your oil, you have better things to do. There has never been a better time to start using Hillside’s automatic delivery service. We are offering a free 1-year enrollment into the Tank-Guard program for signing up for automatic delivery*. Tank-Guard is a $79 value and a great investment into your home heating oil tank. The Tank-Guard program is a corrosion protection and warranty service for the basement and above ground tanks. if your tank leaks while enrolled in the program, Hillside replaces your tank, that simple. Much more info about Tank-Guard can be found here: www.HillsideHVAC.com/tank-guard Give us a call for all the details, or to sign up now! 302-738-4144 or 410-398-2146

*Credit approval required, if not already established, for the automatic delivery program. Account must be in good standing for automatic deliveries.

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