Get Ready: Warm Weather Is Here to Stay!

As we move further into spring, the outdoor temperature fluctuations that cause us to flip-flop the thermostat between “heat” and “cool” occur less often. Let’s get ready for full-time cooling. First, change that filter. Then go outside and hose off the air conditioning unit, if needed, to clear it of excess pollen or leaves that have collected. This will allow your A/C unit to “breathe.” Better yet, let Hillside make sure you’re ready for summer with an A/C Tune-Up.

Now it’s time to test your A/C unit to see how well it’s cooling. Lowe’s* recommends these steps:

1. After setting your thermostat to “cool,” set the temperature to well below the room’s temperature. You should hear your system kick on and feel air blowing out of your vents.

2. Place a thermometer at the vent nearest to your inside unit. After about 10 minutes, record the temperature.

3. Move the thermometer to an air return and leave it there until the temperature remains steady. Record that temperature.

4. Subtract the second reading (at the air return) from the first reading (at the vent). A healthy difference is 14–20 degrees Fahrenheit. A number lower than that may indicate a problem, such as low refrigerant.

The most important step is to have your A/C unit serviced for the warm-weather season. Let Hillside keep you up and running this summer! Call us in Delaware at (302) 738-4144 and in Maryland at (410) 398-2146. We’ll make sure your equipment is in good working order.


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