Don’t Have a Summer Meltdown

The longer you go without getting your A/C tune-up service done, the less efficient your system will become and the greater the chance that something bad will happen—like a breakdown on a really hot day.

That’s one reason why every equipment manufacturer requires regular maintenance to keep warranties valid. It’s that important!

  • Regular tune-ups prevent a wide range of problems that can lead to expensive repairs.
  • A tune-up keeps your cooling system operating at peak efficiency, saving you money on electric costs.
  • A tune-up is not expensive, and it may eliminate hassles.
  • Our staff is fully trained to install, maintain and repair all major brands of central air conditioning. We treat every home as if it’s our own and treat every customer like family.

Contact us today and tell us you read this email. This will qualify you for our $89 early bird A/C tune-up special: our best price of the season!

Recent Testimonials from Hillside Customers:

Hillside is always proud to boast when our employees receive reviews from customers. Our service department has been busy tuning up and repairing equipment. Here are a few recent testimonials from customers of Hillside’s maintenance, repairs, and installations.

“Mike was great!!” – Mike & Nichole K. from Hockessin 1/28/2018

“Sean is a fine young man and did a thorough job. Very personable.” -Angie D. from Hockessin 2/9/2018

“I have been extremely happy with techs, office staff, etc…” -Cheryl J. from Hockessin 12/5/2017

“Sean was very polite, courteous, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with.” -James N. from Wilmington 2/2/2018

“Great job. Tech called when on his way. Arrived 20 minutes early.” -Rob M. from Newark 11/9/2017

Your Air Conditioner Should Not Need Refrigerant Refills

If you notice warm air blowing or frost and ice on your central air conditioner lines, your air conditioner may be low in refrigerant. Sometimes a central air conditioner needs a charge of refrigerant, commonly called Freon. Even though units sometimes require a refrigerant refill, this does not mean that your central air conditioner “uses” refrigerant. An air conditioner does not “use” refrigerant the way a car uses gasoline. Refrigerant is the primary product that a system uses to transfer heat from inside to outside your home.

When the refrigerant is low, there is a leak somewhere in your system. The outdoor portion of you A/C system is susceptible to wear and tear from outdoor elements and critters. Most times these leaks are minuscule and not visible to the naked eye.

If your unit does not seem to be performing optimally, consider an air conditioner tune-up. A tune-up from Hillside includes a check of your refrigerant level. If you find yourself recharging your system annually, it might be time for a replacement. Hillside can help with that, too!

To learn more about our air conditioning tune-ups and maintenance plans, call us in Delaware at (302) 738-4144 and in Maryland at (410) 398-2146.

Get Ready: Warm Weather Is Here to Stay!

As we move further into spring, the outdoor temperature fluctuations that cause us to flip-flop the thermostat between “heat” and “cool” occur less often. Let’s get ready for full-time cooling. First, change that filter. Then go outside and hose off the air conditioning unit, if needed, to clear it of excess pollen or leaves that have collected. This will allow your A/C unit to “breathe.” Better yet, let Hillside make sure you’re ready for summer with an A/C Tune-Up.

Now it’s time to test your A/C unit to see how well it’s cooling. Lowe’s* recommends these steps:

1. After setting your thermostat to “cool,” set the temperature to well below the room’s temperature. You should hear your system kick on and feel air blowing out of your vents.

2. Place a thermometer at the vent nearest to your inside unit. After about 10 minutes, record the temperature.

3. Move the thermometer to an air return and leave it there until the temperature remains steady. Record that temperature.

4. Subtract the second reading (at the air return) from the first reading (at the vent). A healthy difference is 14–20 degrees Fahrenheit. A number lower than that may indicate a problem, such as low refrigerant.

The most important step is to have your A/C unit serviced for the warm-weather season. Let Hillside keep you up and running this summer! Call us in Delaware at (302) 738-4144 and in Maryland at (410) 398-2146. We’ll make sure your equipment is in good working order.


Using Lawn Equipment Around Your HVAC Unit?

“Careful with that weed wacker, Eugene!” Outdoor electrical and refrigerant lines can be fragile.

It’s “yard work day,” and you are quickly running out of daylight. “I know I can finish this up so I can have all day Sunday to do what I want” is running through your head as you reach for the weed wacker to finish trimming. The sun has set behind the trees, and clouds overhead make it darker than
you expected. You are along the side of the house finishing lawn trimming and you hear BZZZZ, SNAP, POW!

Unfortunately, you just clipped a line running to your outside air conditioner unit. These things happen, even to the most careful and handy of us.

Be extra careful with lawn equipment around your outside units. Keep the area trimmed, clean, and free of debris. When doing maintenance around the area, be extra mindful that there are refrigerant (Freon®) lines under pressure as well as high and low voltage electrical wires running nearby. If you do find yourself with broken lines, don’t try fixing them with duct tape and wire nuts!

Give Hillside a call for safe, professional repairs.

Central Air vs. Window Units and Old Homes | We Get This a Lot!

Hillside is proud to announce the arrival of our new Frequently Asked Questions video series, “We Get This a Lot!”

Join Jim Sellers, the CEO and main man of Hillside Oil, Heating, and Cooling, as he reads your FAQs on all things HVAC.

In our inaugural episode of “We Get This a Lot!”, we cover two very important questions of central air conditioning woes. First, whether central air or a collection of window units are more efficient. Secondly, we review mini split systems, the solution to setting up central air when your house just isn’t set up for it. A common example would be when your house is too old and is not properly set up for central air. Say hello to mini split systems and feel your house become conditioned to easy living.

And for more Frequently Asked Questions, check out the “We Get This a Lot!” video series on our YouTube channel!

Why You Need an A/C Tune-up Every Year

Some customers ask us if they should get an A/C system tune-up every year, or just every couple of years.

That’s like asking whether you should brush your teeth every day or every other day.

Every equipment manufacturer requires regular maintenance to keep warranties valid. It’s that important.

Regular tune-ups prevent a wide range of problems that can lead to breakdowns and expensive repairs. Tune-ups keep your cooling system operating at peak efficiency, which helps you save on electric costs. It’s not expensive, and it will eliminate hassles this summer.

What’s the best time to get it done?

When we get to mid-June, the phones are ringing so much it’s hard to schedule a convenient time. Plus, if we find something wrong, you don’t want to be suffering through 90° temperatures while we try to give you a solution.

So please call early. Better yet, enroll in our Air Conditioning Maintenance Plan. This will guarantee you same day emergency service 7 days a week (including holidays) and repair discounts.

Please contact us today to schedule your A/C tune-up or to request enrollment in our Air Conditioning Maintenance Plan.

4 Mistakes People Make When Buying a Central Air Conditioner

We polled our service team to determine the biggest mistakes they have seen people make with their central A/C. Here is what they have witnessed over the years.

Overspending on efficiency. Sometimes it makes sense to spend extra for an ultra-high efficiency system. Sometimes it is not worth the cost. It depends on your total energy use and the trade-off between up-front cost and savings.

Choosing the wrong contractor. It’s not the equipment, but the quality of the installation that makes the biggest difference. You can invest in the best system in the world, but if your contractor installs it improperly, you will not get the comfort and savings you paid for. What’s more, it can be a nightmare trying to get them to stand behind what they sell.

Waiting too long to replace an A/C system. By delaying the inevitable, you risk lowering your options and compromising your comfort. During the hot weather, air conditioning companies, including us, get booked weeks in advance for installation jobs. It’s always best to replace your A/C system before summer if possible.

Not understanding all the options. Today, there are lots of ways to get the ideal system for your home. Hillside is large enough to give you lots of different options for your budget and physical space. If you have more choices and good guidance, you are much more likely to live “comfortably ever after.”

In this handy video guide, our Hillside Guy, Jim Sellers, reviews how to choose your new AC unit. From tonnage to SEER rating to warranties, there are many components for you to decide on when purchasing your new appliance.

Please contact us today if you would like a free estimate on new cooling equipment. We also welcome your call: 302-738-4144 (Delaware) or 410-398-2146. (Maryland).