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Reliable equipment allows Hillside to show up on time, as well as provide prompt and efficient service. Routine maintenance of our equipment, as well as proper safety training for our drivers, helps Hillside eliminate damage to your home or property. Being a full-service heating oil provider means that no matter the weather, we will keep your home warm with oil deliveries and heating repairs. Thank you for supporting a local business servicing New Castle County, DE, Cecil County, MD, and Southern Chester County, PA almost 70 years.

Published (12/23/2020)

Joe Rogan Cartoon

Jimmy doesn’t have dreams 💭 like most men. 🎤

What isn’t a dream is that Hillside has received over 1,200 certified ratings, reviews, recommendations, and testimonials from our heating and cooling customers. Thank you all for the kind words.

Why is this important to share?

When it’s time to choose a heating and cooling company, you want to be able to trust that company.

At Hillside Oil Heating & Cooling, we are guided by three generations of family attitudes and values as we successfully service our customers and communities. We know what it is like to be a customer and how we like to be treated. We take pride in thinking like a customer when dealing with our customers.

Our mission is to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter while doing customer service right!

Published (11/20/2020)


It’s Friday the 13th, 2020. Even Jason Vorhees 🔪 needs a break from its horror. You won’t have to worry about him this year.

We also don’t want you to worry about staying warm this winter. That’s why we created our Worry-Free Winter Packages. We’ll take care of your heating system, your fuel deliveries, and help spread out the cost of heating oil.

Published (11/13/2020)

We know people liked our oil delivery drivers, but we didn’t know it would score children candy.

Happy Halloween.

Published (10/30/2020)

Fall Heating Specials

Don’t let Fall & Winter suck the life out of you. You can count on Hillside to keep you warm and comfortable.

🦇 Blah Blah Blah

✝️ If you don’t like counting your high energy bill, sign up for budget billing. We’ll spread out the costs.

✝️ If you’d rather not count on your memory to order your heating oil, sign up for automatic delivery. Never run out of fuel.

✝️ And…there’s more. Check out our Fall Heating Services and Specials today.

Published (10/23/2020)

trusted home heating cooling experts

♦️♣️ ♥️♠️
“You’ve got to know when to hold ’em
Know when to fold ’em
Know when to walk away
And know when to run
You never count your money
When you’re sittin’ at the table
There’ll be time enough for countin’
When the dealin’s done.” 💀

 Hillside – The Trusted Comfort Experts. We are honored to have received over 1200 certified ratings, reviews, recommendations, and testimonials from our heating and cooling customers.

Yeah, Grim is the only customer that doesn’t trust us. 🃏

Published (10/23/2020)

Frankenstein Comic Auto oil delivery

Don’t be like Frank. Sign up for Hillside’s Automatic Heating Oil Delivery!

Enjoy peace of mind with our worry-free service that will keep you warm all winter long. You’ll be fueled during the coldest days and nights. You can stop monitoring your heating oil tank and permanently avoid emergency deliveries when extreme weather hits and the world is scrambling for heating fuel.

Enroll today. She’ll be happy you did!

302-738-4144 (DE & PA) | 410-398-2146 (MD)

Published (10/2/2020)

Don’t be like Joe and be unprepared when 💩 hits the fan. 🐾
Be prepared this winter. Schedule your furnace (or heating system) tune-up today!

Call us today at 302-738-4144 (DE & PA) | 410-398-2146 (MD) to schedule your furnace tune-up. 🐶
🍁 You can also schedule any of our Fall Heating Services. 🍂

Published (9/27/2020)

furnace tune-up before wife gets mad

Don’t wake up as Bob did. Schedule your furnace (or heating system) tune-up today!

Call us today at 302-738-4144 (DE & PA) | 410-3982146 (MD) to schedule your furnace tune-up.

Published (9/19/2020)

winter prep with heating and cooling company

Don’t mess with a squirrel in the summer or fall when they’re preparing for winter—especially while they’re foraging for nuts and they come across your stash of buried bones. 🦴🦴🦴

How to act like a squirrel this Fall!


Published (9/11/2020)

Labor Day Humor

We wish you a Happy Labor Day Weekend.

Along with our customers, we also want to give our staff valuable time off to be with their families for Labor Day.

Our office will be closed Monday, September 7th, and reopen on Tuesday, September 8th.

Emergency service for our maintenance plan customers will continue to be addressed throughout the entire holiday weekend.

All of us at Hillside wanted to say thank you. It’s been an honor to service you this summer. 😊

Published (9/4/2020)

AC Repair services are better than running away like a dog

Months into work-from-home plus summer vacation has increased kids’ ability to be mental ninjas!! They know you need to concentrate on work and if they can annoy you, you’ll do anything to keep them busy for a couple of hours!

At Hillside, we can’t help with your children’s mental warfare but we can make sure your home is comfy this Fall when they go back to (virtual) school.

Now is a great time to order your fuel, and get your furnace tuned-up. If you’re a heating maintenance member, call to schedule an appointment. If you’re not a member, consider joining. Call today: 302-738-4144 (DE & PA) or 410-398-2146 (MD).

Sign up for our Heating Maintenance Plan:

(published on 8/21/2020)

Bernese puppy humor hvac

Sometimes pups don’t pee and A/C units don’t work when you need them to.

At Hillside HVAC, we can get your A/C working again.

Getting your dog to pee in the rain is another story.

Contact us if your A/C is not working.

302-738-4144 (DE & PA) | 410-398-2146 (MD)

Support PAWS for People

(published on 8/14/2020)

customer service at Hillside heating and cooling

In an alternate universe, another Hillside Oil Heating & Cooling takes a different approach to customer service. When customers call, they like to play practical jokes.

(published on 8/7/2020)