Reliable Protection Against Winter Freezing, Sludge, and Contamination

When we receive service calls from grandparents desperately seeking to fix a broken heating system for their grandchildren, it breaks our hearts. We feel their love through the phone. We care about keeping your heating system healthy so no grandbaby ever endures a cold night.

We’re taking preventative measures to reduce burner breakdowns, sludge formation, and winter freezing. Hillside has begun treating our heating oil with a premium additive at no cost to our customers. The special heating oil treatment inhibits microbial growth, dissolves sludge, improves combustion, avoids breakdowns from clogged lines, strainers, and nozzles, disperses water accumulation, minimizes corrosion and prevents winter freeze-ups. This results in maximum energy output, fewer service calls, and increased savings.

Untreated Heating Oil

We want to help prevent oil heating problems such as:

  • Microbial Growth
  • Oxidation
  • Sludge Formation
  • Poor Combustion
  • Excess Soot, and Smoke
  • Water Accumulation
  • Internal Tank Corrosion
  • Winter Freezing

Treated Heating Oil

By this regular premium fuel oil treatment addition, we will increase burner efficiency and reduce overall operating costs. The fuel oil additives can also be used as a curative treatment when trouble starts.

  • Inhibit Microbial Growth
  • Dissolve Sludge
  • Improve Combustion
  • Cleaner Fuel System
  • Disperse Water
  • Minimize Corrosion
  • Prevent Gelling  (Winter Freezing)

Does Your Heating Oil Delivery Company in DE, PA, or MD treat their fuel for extreme weather conditions?

If your heating fuel delivery company in New Castle County, Delaware, Southern Chester County, PA or Cecil County, Maryland does not treat their heating oil for cold temperatures, contamination, or sludge formation, consider using Hillside Oil Heating and Cooling.

At Hillside, our mission is to “Keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter while doing customer service right“.

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Even More Heating Oil Tank Protection

In addition to our free premium heating fuel additive,  we offer additional protection options for you:

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