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Tankless Water Heater

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The Eternal Hybrid Water Heater is a great alternative to the traditional "tank" water heater. They are affordable and flexible, accommodating many replacement situations. Enjoy endless hot water in a small, sleek, compact design. Typically the unit hangs on your wall and out of the way. 96% thermal effeciency will save you money in energy costs. Includes an industry leading 15 year no leak residential heat exchanger warranty.

No longer worry about running out of hot water, water pressure, or having to plan when to shower in your home.

The Eternal Hybrid Water Heater is an endless solution for everday hot water.

Give Hillside a call or EMAIL US to see if the Eternal Tankless Water Heater is right for you. DE: 302-738-4144 MD: 410-398-2146