What is the importance of a vent pipe and whistle?

As oil is being pumped into a heating oil tank from your fill pipe, it displaces air. The air flows out of the vent pipe, which causes the whistling sound. When the vent pipe stops whistling, this indicates to our driver the tank is full. In most cases that is true, but sometimes your vent could be clogged with dirt, cobwebs, insects, etc… Without a working whistle, a driver can not put fuel in a basement tank. Sometimes our delivery driver can clear the clog while on site. In the event of an extreme blockage, a service technician may be needed.

Under normal operation (when we are not filling) your vent is designed to relieve the vacuum created from your oil burner pulling oil from the tank.

It is important during winter months to make sure snow and ice are cleared from your fill and vent pipe, as well as having a clear path to your fill for our delivery drivers.

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