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Looking For A New Heating Oil Provider in DE?

Hello, my name is Jim Sellers, President of Hillside Oil Heating & Cooling. The entire Hillside team and I are excited to meet you including Emmy Lou and Charlie, our company mascots.

SO…Why Can You Trust Us To Be Your New Oil Heating Provider?  Hillside Oil Heating & Cooling has been family-owned and operated for 70 years. Three generations of family attitudes and values have allowed us to continue to successfully service our customers and communities.

Everything about Hillside is locally owned and operated. We do not answer to any parent or mother corporation in some far-off land. Real human beings still work here and answer our phones. We have no touch-tone mazes to navigate in order to speak to a human being that can assist or answer questions. During regular business hours, our phone is always answered by a real person.

Customer service is our top priority. We know what it is like to be a customer and how we like to be treated. We take pride in thinking like a customer when dealing with our customers. We follow the golden rule and treat others as we would wish to be treated.

At Hillside, we’re big enough to serve you but small enough to know you. Whether you need to order fuel, schedule a maintenance visit, or purchase a new HVAC system, Hillside Heating & Cooling’s friendly customer service team is here to ensure that the process is easy for you. Our fully trained staff members are delighted to speak with our customers and help them with their heating and cooling needs.

We are honored to have received over 2,000 certified ratings, reviews, recommendations, and testimonials from our heating and cooling customers. We promise to continue that tradition with you. 😃

Quick Facts About Hillside:

  • Hillside is family-owned and locally operated for 70 years.
  • Hillside is committed to providing an exceptional customer experience for our commercial and residential customers.
  • Hillside employs expert and dependable drivers for residential oil and onsite commercial fuel deliveries.
  • Hillside provides highly-skilled and trained HVAC technicians to keep your home comfortable all year long.
  • Hillside Cares: proud supporters of the following local charities.
  • A+ BBB Accredited Business rating
  • BBB Torch Awards for Ethics
  • BBB International Torch Award for Ethics

Current Heating Oil Rates in DE, PA, MD

Oil Delivery Services

Hillside is a full-service heating oil company offering automatic delivery or call-in delivery. Being a full-service heating oil provider means we will keep your home warm with our heating oil deliveries, heating maintenance, and heating repairs. We’d be honored to be your heating oil provider for your home and/or business.

  • Automatic oil delivery is available for customers who never want to worry about the level of fuel in their tank.
  • Call-in delivery or will-call is available for customers who want to monitor and decide when to purchase fuel oil.

We do not offer different programs or levels of customer service. We treat all of our customers equally and everyone receives the same price. Our heating oil prices are listed on our website daily. Our COD price is available by paying at the time of delivery. Hillside’s credit billing customers receive 10 days to get an additional 5 cents per gallon off.

We operate a fleet of modern, clean, and well-maintained vehicles.

Reliable equipment allows Hillside to show up on time, as well as provide prompt and efficient service. Routine maintenance of our equipment, as well as proper safety training for our drivers, helps Hillside eliminate damage to your home or property. Safety is our primary concern for our customers, their equipment, and Hillside’s employees. Keeping safety as a primary concern allows Hillside to offer the best price for services possible. Safety keeps insurance and other expense to Hillside down thus allowing us to offer the best prices possible. We treat our customers with respect and part of that is to arrive presentable to the public.

Premium Heating Oil Additive for Reliable Protection Against Winter Freezing, Sludge, and Contamination.

We care about your heating system’s health during the coldest days of winter and wish to extend the life of your fuel tank. Hillside has begun treating our heating oil with a premium additive at no cost to our customers.

The special heating oil treatment inhibits microbial growth, dissolves sludge, improves combustion, avoids breakdowns from clogged lines, strainers, and nozzles, disperses water accumulation, minimizes corrosion and prevents winter freeze-ups. This results in maximum energy output, fewer service calls, and increased savings.

Budget Billing

A monthly budget plan is an effective way to avoid large peak season bills. Monthly budget payments allow customers to spread their heating expenses throughout the year. The calculation of a customer’s monthly budget is straightforward and simple. Hillside uses estimated annual expenditures and divides that amount into equal monthly payments. The budget amount may be adjusted up or down as many times as needed throughout the season depending on price and weather.

Heating Services

Hillside’s professional staff is fully trained to install, maintain, and repair oil, natural gas, propane gas, and electric heating systems. This includes hot air, hot water, boiler, heat pump, and water heaters (both traditional tank and modern tankless on-demand water heaters).

Air Conditioning Services

Our staff is fully trained to install, maintain, and repair all major brands of central air conditioning, including ductless mini-split systems, all types of indoor air quality, humidifiers, humidification, air cleaners, and dehumidifiers. No matter your budget, Hillside has options ranging from economy to high efficiency.

How to reach us

You can reach us via letter, filling out any of our website contact forms, or by calling us during business hours. Be sure to follow and chat with us on social media. We like to work hard but also like to have a lot of fun.

Mailing Address:
Hillside Oil Heating & Cooling
40 Brookhill Drive
Newark, DE 19702

Phone Numbers:
302.738.4144 (DE & PA)
410.398.2146 (MD)
Fax: 302.738.5879

Monday—Friday: 7:30AM–4:30PM

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Call us at 302-738-4144. We’re excited to meet and speak with you.

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