Why Spring Maintenance Important for My Air Conditioner

We often tell our customers that spring maintenance is important to the life of your air conditioner. We explain how it can save you money, make your air conditioner run more efficiently, and prevent breakdowns of your air conditioner in the height of summer heat. But you may be wondering, “What really happens during Spring Check Up anyway?”

Check Capacitor Levels

Capacitors are like short term batteries and they store energy. They send volts to the motors to make them start or keep running. During spring maintenance, Hillside will come and check your capacitor levels to make sure they are within factory specifications. If not, we can replace them to ensure your air conditioner keeps running. Making sure your capacitors are working properly is so important because if your motor continues to try and start, it will burn up the motor which can be a major repair. Weak capacitors can also damage your compressor, which is an even bigger repair or possible replacement of your system.

Change Air Filters

If you have air filters on hand, we will change them for you. You might think “Well I can just change those myself”. And you can, but you would be surprised how many customers don’t change their air filters frequently. We understand your life gets busy and changing air filters is the last thing on your mind. Keeping those air filters changed regularly is so important for your air conditioner. It keeps it clean and keeps your air conditioner from having to work so hard.

Check Refrigerant Levels

Another thing Hillside will do during spring maintenance is check your refrigerant levels in your air conditioner. An air conditioner can have too much or not enough refrigerant. If your air conditioner does not have enough refrigerant, that means there is a leak somewhere in the system. You should consider repairing before adding refrigerant. Your air conditioner does not use up refrigerant so that means it is escaping somehow

Clear Condensate Drain

water and moisture made during the air conditioning process. Having a clear drain line is important to ensure your air conditioner is working properly. If your condensate drain line is clogged, it could cause your air conditioner to shut down. It could also overflow and ruin other parts of your system.

Can My AC Make Me Sick?

Research suggests that “If you have a badly maintained or badly designed AC system, whether it’s in your home or office, it can become contaminated and potentially harmful,” says Dr. Mark Mendell, an epidemiologist with the California Department of Public Health.

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Hillside’s AC tune-up also includes:

✅ Clean condenser coil
✅ Clean indoor coil (where accessible)
✅ Oil and inspect motors
✅ Inspect wiring and tighten electrical connections
✅ Check contactor
✅ Inspect refrigerant lines connections
✅ Check thermostat for proper operation
✅ Check supply and return air temperatures
✅ Check amp draw of compressor
✅ Check amp draw of condenser motor
✅ Check amp draw of blower motor

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