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About Hillside HVAC

Hillside Oil Heating & Cooling has been family owned and operated for over 60 years. Three generations of family attitudes and values have allowed us to continue to successfully service our customers and communities. Everything about Hillside is locally owned and operated. We do not answer to any parent or mother corporation in some far-off land. Real human beings still work here and answer our phones. We have no touch-tone mazes to navigate in order to speak to a human being that can assist or answer questions. Customer service is the most important thing. We know what it is like to be a customer and how we like to be treated. We take pride in thinking like a customer when dealing with our customers. Support of Hillside is support for local, homegrown, family business in our area. Thank you from everyone at Hillside for your business.

Hillside is a full service home heating oil company as well as a full service heating and air conditioning service company. We make daily deliveries of home heating oil, diesel fuels, and gasoline.  


  • Have been a customer for many years. I always received prompt and courteous service. –Judy H.
  • Always a pleasure to deal with. I love the idea of talking to "live" people. Refreshing not dealing with automated system. -Laurie C.
  • Everyone at Hillside has been great over many years. –Jeff C.
  • I switched from another company to Hillside because your service has proven to be honest, caring, and professional. –Cheryl M.
  • We're very satisfied. Been with Hillside for 20 years. –J.E. K.
  • Have always received excellent service for both air conditioning problems and heater problems. We've had a heater and air conditioner replaced with Hillside and their personel are aways courteous and do a good job cleaning up after installation. Ease of payment is a plus.
  • What makes this company is the people. They are some of the most considerate and helpful in the business. You're not just getting your oil, you're getting a professional relationship.
  • Everyone we have dealt with at Hillside is very courteous and respectful. We are also very satisfied with the prompt service that we have always received from Hillside.