Are you tired of the bone-chilling anxiety accompanying every frosty gust of wind? Sick of playing “Guess the Heating Oil Level” while Jack Frost wreaks havoc outside? Well, it’s time to rise above the winter woes and unveil the ultimate solution that’ll have you laughing in the face of even the coldest blizzards.

Winters in the Northeast, encompassing states like Delaware (DE), Pennsylvania (PA), and Maryland (MD), can be incredibly harsh and cold. The fear of heating systems malfunctioning, heating oil running out, and soaring energy bills can cause undue stress. 

Hillside Oil Heating & Cooling proudly presents a winter experience that’s not just about surviving; it’s about thriving amidst the snowflakes and subzero temperatures. Let’s ditch the panic, drama and embrace the winter wonderland with open arms, cozy toes, and hot cocoa.

Imagine a winter where your heating system purrs contentedly, keeping you warm day and night without a hiccup. Picture a season where your heating oil supply is always topped up; no frantic checking is required. Visualize a world where the anxiety of skyrocketing energy bills melts away like snowflakes on your glove.

Welcome to the Worry-Free Winter Deal – your VIP pass to a season of sheer comfort and unwavering confidence. The deal doesn’t just address your heating needs – it anticipates them.

From intelligent automatic oil delivery to an army of professional technicians ready to fine-tune your heating system to perfection, we’ve crafted a fortress of warmth to shield you from winter’s icy grip.

But that’s not all, winter warriors! We’re rolling out the red carpet with a Free Heater Tune-Up worth its weight in gold (or warmth?). Bid farewell to inefficient heating, skyrocketing bills, and winter worries. Say hello to a heating system that’s primed and ready to tackle whatever winter throws.

And don’t let those heating oil tank woes keep you up at night! Our Free Tank-Guard and Oil Tank Replacement Warranty have your back, ensuring your tank stays sturdy and reliable through the harshest storms—no leaks, no drama – just peaceful winter nights ahead.

So, if you’re ready to turn winter into your wonderland of warmth and worry-free living, if you’re ready to silence the howling winds of anxiety and embrace the tranquility of coziness, then look no further. The Hillside Worry-Free Winter Deal is your golden ticket to a season of comfort, convenience, and carefree winter adventures. Let’s show winter who’s boss and make this chilly season your best one yet! ❄️🔥

Here are five ways to ensure a worry-free winter in DE, PA, and MD.

1: Automatic Heating Oil Delivery: Never Run Out of Fuel

One of the biggest worries during winter is running out of heating oil. Hillside’s automated delivery service ensures you’ll never have to monitor your fuel levels again. Hillside’s team proactively schedules your oil deliveries using a sophisticated mathematical formula that factors your past deliveries and local weather conditions. This service is available for all customers and helps avoid emergency deliveries during extreme weather conditions.

Convenience: One of the most significant advantages of automatic delivery is its convenience. You don’t need to monitor your fuel levels or place orders constantly. The system calculates when you need a refill based on your historical usage and local weather conditions, ensuring you always have an adequate supply of heating oil.

No Runouts: Running out of heating oil in winter is a nightmare. Automatic delivery virtually eliminates this risk. You’ll receive timely deliveries, even during extreme weather conditions, keeping your home warm and comfortable.

Efficiency: Automatic delivery is efficient regarding fuel supply and optimizing energy consumption. Consistent deliveries help maintain a steady temperature, preventing the need for the heating system to work harder to recover from temperature drops.

Automatic heating oil delivery offers numerous benefits in terms of convenience, efficiency, and peace of mind. It can greatly simplify your winter preparations and help you avoid the stress of running out of heating oil. However, it’s important to carefully review the terms of your contract and communicate any changes in your heating habits to ensure accurate deliveries. By understanding the benefits and considerations, you can make an informed decision that best suits your winter heating needs.

2: Free Heater Tune-Up: Optimize Efficiency and Performance

One of the biggest worries during winter is running out of heating oil. Hillside’s automated delivery service ensures you’ll never have to monitor your fuel levels again. Hillside’s team proactively schedules your oil deliveries using a sophisticated mathematical formula that factors your past deliveries and local weather conditions. This service is available for all customers and helps avoid emergency deliveries during extreme weather conditions.

Improved Energy Efficiency: Over time, heating systems can accumulate dirt, debris, and wear and tear, causing them to operate less efficiently. During a tune-up, a professional technician cleans, lubricates, and adjusts various components, ensuring your system operates at its peak efficiency. An efficiently running system requires less energy to generate the same heat, leading to lower energy bills and reduced environmental impact. A tune-up can save you significant money on your heating costs throughout the winter season.

Enhanced Reliability: Regular heating system tune-ups help identify and address minor issues before they escalate into major breakdowns. During tune-up, technicians inspect critical components, identify potential problems, and make necessary adjustments or replacements. This proactive approach prevents unexpected breakdowns and ensures that your heating system runs reliably when needed. Investing in a tune-up effectively reduces the likelihood of costly emergency repairs and inconvenience during the colder months.

Extended Lifespan of Equipment: Like any mechanical system, your heating equipment experiences wear and tear over time. Regular maintenance, including tune-ups, can significantly extend the lifespan of your heating system. When components are properly cleaned, lubricated, and calibrated, they experience less stress and operate more efficiently. This reduces the overall wear and tear on the system, allowing it to function optimally for a longer period. A well-maintained heating system can save you money on premature replacements and provide reliable comfort for many winters.

A heating system tune-up is a wise investment that offers multiple advantages. It improves energy efficiency, enhances your system’s reliability, and extends your equipment’s lifespan. By ensuring your heating system receives proper maintenance, you’re enjoying lower energy bills and fewer unexpected repairs and providing consistent warmth and comfort throughout the winter season.

3. Free Tank-Guard and Oil Tank Replacement Warranty: Protect Your Investment

One of the biggest worries during winter is running out of heating oil. Hillside’s automated delivery service ensures you’ll never have to monitor your fuel levels again. Oil tanks are a critical heating system component. Hillside’s TANK-GUARD® Program offers both corrosion protection and a tank replacement warranty. If the warranty covers your tank leaks, Hillside will replace your tank at no charge, including parts and labor. This program provides peace of mind, ensuring your heating system remains functional and protected throughout the winter.

Corrosion Protection: The primary benefit of the TANK-GUARD® program is its effective corrosion protection for basement and aboveground fuel oil tanks. Corrosion is a common issue for oil tanks, especially in regions with cold winters and fluctuating temperatures. Corrosion can lead to leaks, tank failure, and potential environmental hazards. The TANK-GUARD® program uses a chemical corrosion inhibitor that helps prevent the formation of rust and corrosion within the tank. This protection extends the lifespan of the tank and safeguards your investment.

Tank Replacement Warranty: The program offers a “peace-of-mind” tank replacement warranty for covered tanks up to 330 gallons of capacity. In the unfortunate event of a tank leak covered by the warranty, Hillside will replace the tank at no charge, covering parts and labor. This warranty ensures that homeowners are financially protected against unexpected tank failures and the costs associated with tank replacement. It provides reassurance and reduces the financial burden that can arise from tank-related issues.

Environmental Protection and Safety: A leaking oil tank can pose significant environmental and safety risks. Oil leaks can contaminate soil, water sources, and even the foundation of your home, leading to costly cleanup efforts and potential health hazards. Participating in the TANK-GUARD® program, you contribute to safeguarding your property’s environment and safety. Promptly addressing any signs of tank leaks or issues can prevent larger problems from developing and minimize potential negative impacts on your home and surroundings.

The TANK-GUARD® program offers corrosion protection, a tank replacement warranty, and contributes to environmental and safety considerations. This comprehensive program provides homeowners with peace of mind, financial security, and the assurance that their oil tank is being properly maintained and protected against potential hazards.

4. Hillside Maintenance Plans: Preventive Care and Savings

Consider enrolling in Hillside’s Maintenance Plans to prevent unexpected failures and ensure optimal performance. These plans cover replacement parts, inspections, tune-ups, and adjustments. By becoming a member, you receive discounts and upfront pricing on repairs and benefit from the expertise of Hillside’s skilled technicians. The Maintenance Plans cater to various budgets and heating system needs.

Preventive Maintenance for Optimal Performance: Regular maintenance is essential to ensure your heating system operates at its best. A heating maintenance plan provides scheduled inspections, tune-ups, and cleaning of vital components such as burners, filters, and controls. These tasks prevent the accumulation of dirt, debris, and wear and tear that can hinder the system’s performance. By addressing minor issues before they become major problems, a maintenance plan helps maintain optimal efficiency, which translates to consistent and comfortable heating throughout the winter.

Reduced Risk of Breakdowns: A heating system breakdown during the cold winter can be inconvenient and expensive. Maintenance plans include thorough system checks, which allow technicians to identify and address potential issues before they lead to a complete breakdown. Regular tune-ups ensure your system is in peak condition, minimizing the chances of unexpected failures. This reliability is particularly valuable when heating system failures can be disruptive during extreme weather conditions.

Extended Equipment Lifespan: Just as regular oil changes and maintenance prolong the life of a car, heating maintenance plans extend the lifespan of your heating system. Well-maintained equipment experiences less stress operates more efficiently, and is less likely to experience premature wear and tear. Investing in a maintenance plan protects your investment in your heating system, potentially saving you from the cost of early replacements and ensuring reliable performance for years to come.

A heating maintenance plan offers a range of benefits that enhance your heating system’s performance, reliability, and longevity. It provides preventive maintenance, reduces the risk of unexpected breakdowns, and extends the life of your equipment. By opting for a maintenance plan, you’re ensuring consistent comfort during the winter months and making a wise investment in the long-term health of your heating system.

5. Budget Billing Plans: Manage Winter Bills Effectively

Heating bills can spike during winter, causing financial strain. Hillside’s Budget Billing Plans offer a solution allowing you to spread your heating expenses throughout the year. Instead of facing peak season spikes, you pay an average monthly amount. This helps manage your budget and comes with a 5 cents per gallon prompt pay discount, further reducing costs.

Predictable Monthly Payments: One of the main benefits of budget billing is its predictability to homeowners. Instead of facing fluctuating heating bills that vary significantly from month to month, budget billing allows you to spread your heating costs evenly throughout the year. This means you’ll pay the same monthly amount, making it easier to budget and plan your expenses. With a consistent monthly payment, you won’t experience the shock of high bills during the colder months.

Financial Stability: Budget billing offers financial stability by helping you avoid the spikes in your heating bills that typically occur during the winter when energy consumption is higher. This stability can be especially valuable for households on fixed incomes or those who prefer to have a more structured approach to managing their expenses. Distributing your heating costs evenly throughout the year makes you less likely to encounter financial strain during the colder months.

Prompt Pay Discounts and Savings: By enrolling in budget billing, you may become eligible for discounts on your heating oil. These discounts can add up over time, providing tangible savings while ensuring a consistent supply of heating oil throughout the winter. This combination of financial benefits and uniform heating offers a more comfortable and worry-free winter experience.

Budget billing for oil heating offers predictable monthly payments, financial stability, and potential savings through discounts. By choosing this option, you’re better equipped to manage your heating costs, avoid unexpected spikes in your bills, and enjoy a more consistent and comfortable winter season.

worry-free winter heating oil and deliver packages

With Hillside Oil Heating & Cooling’s Worry-Free Winter Packages, DE, PA, and MD residents can enjoy a worry-free winter season. From automatic heating oil delivery to free heater tune-ups, tank protection, maintenance plans, and budget billing options, Hillside offers comprehensive services to keep you warm, comfortable, and stress-free throughout the coldest months. Embrace the winter season with confidence, knowing that your heating needs are well taken care of by experts who prioritize your comfort and peace of mind.


To be eligible, a customer must be a homeowner and enroll in 24 months of automatic oil delivery. Maintenance plan, Tune-up, and Tank-guard are free only for the first year. You will have the option to renew each year. Offers are subject to credit approval.


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